BLAW Editions (Bora Latin American Women Artists Editions Project) is a collaborative project created by Bora Girls for the newly opened Blaze Image Gallery in Notting Hill. Their goal is to exhibit editions of Latin American Women artists to dialogue with the local community and to strengthen their presence in the British art market, as well as to create an archive of these editions and artists' bios available at the gallery and online, by request.

Bora Girls is an art collective that researches Brazilian, Latin American and women art topics in the globalised world.The collective is made up of 10 members : Tete de Alencar, Christianne Baerlein, Silvia Hirano, Mercedes Lachmann, Carolina Setubal, Arícia Mess, Andrea Rocha, Ana Luiza Rodrigues, Patrícia Tavares and Marcia Thompson.