Márcia Thompson, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Live and works in London

Brazilian artist based in London since 1995. She studied at Parque Lage Art College in Rio de Janeiro from 1985 to 1989 and exhibited in Germany, USA, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, South Korea, England and Brazil. She has worked with Casa Triângulo Gallery in São Paulo (1993/99) and Joel Edelstein Gallery in Rio de Janeiro (1994/96). Nowadays she is represented by Mercedes Viegas Gallery in Rio de Janeiro (since 2004) and Janaína Torres Gallery in São Paulo (since 2016). Her works are part of various private and and public collections, including: Reina Sofia Museum (Spain), Gilberto Chateaubriand (Brazil), Patrícia Phelps de Cisneros (Venezuela), ESCALA/UECLAA (Essex Collection of Art from Latin America/England) and Brazilian Embassy in London (England). She has received the Unesco Prize in the Salão Carioca de Arte in 1989 and the first prize of the Visual Arts Awards in London in 2015, PIPA prize nominee (2018) and Focus Brazil/UK Prize (2019).

www.marciathompson.com www.pipaprize.com/artists/marcia-thompson

Christianne Baerlain A Brazilian curator, amateur photographer and a lecturer in history of art and the cultural development of civilisations.

Christianne has been living and working between London, Paris and Rio de Janeiro for over 25 years. Having completed her studies in MoMA Institute, New York, (2012 and 2013), Christianne then graduating in Museums & Art Curator at Sotheby’s Institute in 2014, before continuing her studies in Victoria & Albert Museum Academy, (2014, 2015, 2016).

Travel and photography are a huge passion of Christianne and an essential part of her own research into day to day living.

“The eye, the window of the soul, is the chief means whereby the understanding can most fully and abundantly appreciate the infinite works of Nature...”, a quote by Leonardo Da Vinci, whose work has influenced Christianne since she was a young teenager

Tete de Alencar is from Ceara Brazil but lives in London since 1993 where she has her studio in that city. Between 1997 and 2000, she attended the Bachelor of Visual Arts at John Moores University in Liverpool. Completed the Master in Visual Arts at Central Saint Martins University in London in 2003.

In 2021, she will start a doctoral research in contemporary art, investigating the representations of catastrophes and their influences in the history of the female art.

As an artist, she exhibited individually in São Paulo, Great Britain, Spain, Fortaleza and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in London, São Paulo, Manchester, Valencia, Amman, Belém, Bogotá and others.

She has works in public and private collections in collections in Brazil, Great Britain, Mexico, Spain, Middle East, USA and France.


Arícia Mess is a singer, performer, composer and producer.

Brazilian with righteous black pride, Arícia sings in praise of the natural forces of womanhood, notably the Afro-Brazilian woman. In her own unique way, she recreates the links between Africa and Brazil. Aricia has a peculiar yet powerful, refined and captivating voice.

For Arícia, art is an offering, a way to lessen the sufferings of many, even the recently departed. Thus, her work is dedicated to and celebrates feminine divinities; the Indigenous and African women who inhabited this vast country and gave up their lives during decades of slavery and pain. If the ‘terreiro’ drums make the connection with the divine, then on the dance floor the experience is repeated with joy and abandon.

These photos were taken during the making of the album Wondering Verses, recorded in London, Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The photos illustrate the songs of the album that will be released in Spring 2021. This project blur the lines between music and visual arts.

Patricia Tavares is Brazilian visual artist, living and working between London and Rio de Janeiro. Having gained much professional experience in cinema and television, I decided to refocus on developing my artistic skills. In recent years, I have been researching the possibilities of using images, taking them out of their everyday context and blending them with other images to create a new reality. I have been doing this through the use of various techniques and materials, collecting and combining these fragments in a random way. What ensues is the possibility for the viewer to go beyond the real and to enter an illusionary and imaginative world of surprises. My creative process unfolds from materials and objects in disuse. Used and discarded in the forever spinning wheel of consumption, commonplace and obvious remains or fragments which, reorganised in colours, shapes and textures, take part in a game of deconstruction, reconstruction and transformation.

 Carolina Setubal (b.1978 São Paulo, BR)

British-Brazilian artist based in London passionate for Art and Education. In addition to spending a lifetime exploring and studying drawing and painting as a hobby, her professional career began in the design industry, followed by many years in the film industry as a director and art director. Subsequently, her skills led her to work as a professional art educator. She delivered some different educational projects for disadvantaged Brazilians, expanded her opportunity to understand and connect with art, using it as a tool to generate social transformation, which remains her passion and goal as a professional and human being. She currently paints, sculpts and works as an art teacher for children and young people.

She graduated from Faculdade Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) with a degree in BA Bachelor in Social Communication in 2001, Post Graduation in Film Workshop and Film Production in 2002 from New York University, NYC, Post Graduation in Social Responsibility and Third Sector in 2007 from CEATS/USP, Brazil and completed her Semester courses in Art and Business in 2015 and Museums, Galleries and Curating from Sotheby's in London in 2017.

1979 Silvia Hiran São Paulo BR)

Poetry and photography have been a part of Brazilian-Japanese Silvia Hirano’s life for over 20 years, as a catharsis for her feelings and how she perceives the world. She’s alwaysi been passionate about world arts and multiculturalism, which led her to be involved in several arts and culture projects in Brazil, South Africa, London and Japan, alongside a career as a strategy & innovation executive and entrepreneur. She is currently based in London.

Silvia studied Art and Business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art (2015), and Introduction to Curation at Central Saint Martin’s (2004), both in London. In 2010, she was awarded a 6-month research scholarship in Japanese Art History and Museology from the Nagano Provincial Government, for her efforts to strengthen and promote Japanese arts and culture in Brazil. As a child, she won the silver medal in the International Children’s Art Competition promoted by the Bunkyo Foundation, Japan.

"Autumn Leaves" is a haiku-inspired poem that reflects the inevitable changes in life, found in the beauty and solitude of autumn leaves dancing in the air from surrounding trees - a poetic sight often overlooked by the rush of everyday life. While the colourful and fallen leaves represent moments of our lives that are no longer present, there can always be a spark of joy when we choose to look beyond what our eyes can reach. This work was especially created for the BLAW Editions exhibition, as a message of hope during these difficult times.

Andrea Rocha is a Brazilian artist that lives between Rio de Janeiro and London and has recently finished with Distinction the Master’s in Fine Arts at Chelsea College of Arts, UAL. Participating in several collective shows in London and Rio, last year she had a first solo at artist Marcos Chaves’ studio in Rio, where she presented the series Selfie-Portraits.

Rocha, by turns across several projects, will either insert her own face into a glossy world of printed images, a real body attempting to become part of the photographic surface; or she brings images from the magazine pages into reality, in playful dioramas; paper dolls that try and escape into three-dimensional physicality.

The characters, shapes and surfaces flit across constructed spatial dimensions, real space, internal space, pictorial space, and oscillate dizzily between scales and proportions. Life size, or doll size? As photographs of incidents, Rocha’s images induce the vertigo of the fabulous tales of an unreliable narrator.

It may sound like a digital abracadabra, but it is perversely analogue, it is paper on flash, it is fake-photoshop.


Ana Luiza Rodrigues b.1977 São Paulo, BR)

Brazilian-Italian artist based in London, known for her sculptures, photographs, performances and installations. Her practice has as its axis the relationship between beauty and meaninglessness beyond the confrontation of everyday objects.

She graduated from Mackenzie University with a degree in BA Bachelor in Advertising and Marketing in 2001, Post Graduation in Art History in 2004 from FAAP, Brazil and completed her MA Photography with distinction at CSM in London in 2019. Among recent group shows, she exhibited at: Tate Exchange & The Crypt Gallery (London, UK) and Hatton Gallery (Newcastle, UK)


Mercedes Lachmann  de Janeiro, Brasil

Brazilian artist lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Graduated in Arts at PUC-RJ, she continued her studies at Parque Lage Art College (EAV) from 2011 to 2016. She presents her productions in individual and collective exhibitions in Brazil and abroad. Artist nominated for the Pipa Prize in 2018. Represented in Rio de Janeiro by Gaby Índio da Costa Arte Contemporânea gallery and in São Paulo by Arte Formatto.

Her research takes place primarily in the field of sculpture, installation and video. Water hasbeen a recurring element in her poetics, referring to issues such as the ephemerality of life, the transformations of matter and the scarcity of natural resources.been a recurring element in her poetics, referring to issues such as the ephemerality of life, the transformations of matter and the scarcity of natural resources.