Presenting BLAW Editions (Bora Latin American Women Artists Editions Project) a collaboration taking place at Blaze Image Gallery from 21 May to 20 June. Bora Girls, the art collective that investigates issues around Brazilian, Latin American and female art in a globalised world, created BLAW editions to give visibility to Latin American artists in London during lockdown. 

Following pandemic regulations, it was not possible to have exhibitions in enclosed spaces. Hence, Bora Girls asked the Chilean artist Tere Chad to gather a group of Latin American Women to exhibit their prints in the windows of Blaze Image Gallery. Each of the 8 exhibiting artists has shown their prints individually between December 2020 and May 2021. For the first time the prints are going to be showcased together occupying all the windows of Blaze Image Gallery. 

Tere Chad, the curator of the exhibition, stands out for her multidisciplinary practice characterised by promoting Latin American culture and reflecting on sustainability. The curatorial criteria for this project is to break with the narrow stereotypes that might exist around Latin Americans. In opposition, Tere Chad attempts to show the multiplicity of identities that converge in Latin America, therefore has invited artists who work in different media and come from different backgrounds. 

The exhibition gives a voice to Latin American women artists in the United Kingdom, disseminating their artworks and messages through images. With all the gathering restrictions during the pandemic, BLAW Editions has the power to bring Latin American women together through visual language.